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Custom lapel pins cheap means GREAT QUALITY at discounted prices.  We offer the most competitive pricing while still delivering a pin you can be proud to own.  Give us a try and find confidence in our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Hard Enamel Pins

Best Quality Enamel Pins


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Soft Enamel Pins

Best Value Enamel Pins


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Offset Printed Pins

Photo Realistic Pins

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Quality custom lapel pins, made simple.

Confused by all the lapel pin options?  Don’t be.  We make every type of pin there is, yet we keep it simple for you.  There really are only two types of lapel pins custom, “Enamel Pins” and “Printed Pins."  Yes, there are variations, but why worry about something we handle.  We will suggest the variations that best meet your desired quality, budget, design, and most important your purpose.  So, if you want to really make it simple just choose the “I’m Not Sure” option in the quote request form and we will take it from there.  If you want to get technical, click ”Learn About Lapel Pins” below to learn all there is to know about each type.


Pricing. Bottom line.

We have two philosophies:  first, sell at the lowest possible price to benefit everyone and second, don’t nickel and dime for every extra.  We like to buy this way, and we think you might feel the same.  Now just to be clear, we do have to charge for some extras otherwise your price would be much higher, but there are many extras that don’t really cost very much yet others up-charge for them.  Things like extra colors, glitter colors, epoxy, extra clutches, gold finish, antique finish.  We lay it all out in our pricing tables so you can compare the differences.  I think you will like what you see – just click “See Our Pricing” below.


Gallery. It all starts with an idea.

Sometimes creativity needs fuel.  Our lapel pin gallery is just that sample ideas of lapel pins we have made for our many customers.  It doesn’t take long browsing the gallery to start to get ideas of what you like.


Artwork. Designed to perfection.

No artwork, no problem.  We have many full-time graphic designers on staff that can take anything you give us and make it beautiful.  Even if it is a sketch on a napkin or a simple verbal description – we can handle it, and it’s all free.  We take your ideas, create beautiful artwork, and from that produce a beautiful lapel pin you can be proud of.

Reviews.  Don’t take our word – hear what others say.

The test of a good company is what others say about it.  We are not bashful about sharing these comments.  You can see our customers are having good experiences with us and our lapel pins.  We would be lying if we said we never had a bad review.  Occasionally things go wrong, as they do with most companies, but in these instances, we try to take care of the problem and give the customer the benefit of the doubt.  We hope we can add your review very soon.


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