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How To Make Lapel Pins At Home

Posted May 25, 2020

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How To Make Lapel Pins At Home

How To Make Lapel Pins At Home | Cheappins

If you are a DIY type person then YouTube will give you all you need to know about making enamel pins.  Watch this little clip and in 4 minutes you will know what type of a person you are.  Remember, 4 minutes is not how much time it took, it was several days and lots of trial and error.

Like most DIY projects, making enamel pins takes time, equipment and lots of stuff to make them, all of which costs money.  Admittedly, when you are done you have a one of a kind pin that you can brag about and proudly wear.  But it is not for the faint of heart.  Me personally, I might lose my sanity.

There is a better way to get that unique pin – call the professionals.  Pin making is an art that requires skilled artisans that can create dies that replicate the most intricate details of a person’s design, the steady hand to fill enamel in the tiniest of spots, and if you want gold or silver plating well, that would only be available from a professional.  Pin companies provide all the expertise, equipment and materials to create works of art that start in your head but ultimately end up in physical form in the shape of a pin and can be duplicated over and over again.

Everyone loves pins, and everyone wants pins, but not everyone is cutout to make their own pins.  But hey if you think you have what it takes – more power to you.

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