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Offset Printed Pins

Offset printed pins are the alternate style pins that work great with real life photographs, or gradient colors, or lots of tiny details.  These are the least expensive pin and can be made quickly.


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Offset Printed Pin Pricing

Size 100 200 300 500 750 1,000 3,000 5,000 10,000
3/4" $2.59 $1.93 $1.41 $0.98 $0.79 $0.69 $0.56 $0.54 $0.51
1" $2.64 $1.99 $1.44 $1.03 $0.84 $0.75 $0.62 $0.58 $0.56
1 1/4" $2.71 $2.04 $1.52 $1.11 $0.88 $0.84 $0.68 $0.66 $0.63
1 1/2" $2.98 $2.11 $1.58 $1.16 $0.95 $0.90 $0.77 $0.75 $0.73
1 3/4" $3.14 $2.18 $1.65 $1.24 $1.04 $1.00 $0.87 $0.84 $0.81
2" $3.35 $2.24 $1.74 $1.36 $1.14 $1.11 $0.99 $0.95 $0.91





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Offset Printed Pins

Are offset printed pins right for you?  Let us help you understand them a little better.  Offsett printed pins are completely different than all other types of pins.  All other pin types are struck in metal or cast with metal and have metal borders surrounding each color.  Offset printed pins are literally printed to create the design.  They are metal based, but the design is offset printed directly onto the metal.  Think of printing a picture on paper.  That is what you are doing onto the metal.

While offset printed pins are considered the lowest quality of pin, they are still a good pin, but are best suited for certain designs and situations.  The advantages of offset printed pins are number colors does not matter, no metal lines between each color, gradient colors are possible, and overall more detail is possible in small spaces.  With offset printed pins, a clear epoxy coating is applied to protect the print.  They are very durable and will last forever just like the other pin types.  They are just different.

Offset printed pins are great if you have a photograph you want on the pin, or if you have really tiny details, or if you want gradient colors to match a logo design or branding requirements.  The other advantage to offset printed pins is they can be made a little quicker than enamel pins as there is less manual labor to add individual paint colors.  So, if you have large run of pins, they can be made much faster than the other type.

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Are offset printed pins good quality?

Offset printed pins are not good or bad, they are just a different style of lapel pin.  Designs with blended or gradient colors, photo realistic images, or lots of tiny details require the offset printed type of pin.

Do offset printed pins use epoxy?

Yes, offset printed pins use epoxy to protect the print from scratches or other damage.  Epoxy is necessary for offset printed pins, but is rarely used on enamel pins.

How thick are offset printed pins?

Offset printed pins often feel thinner than regular enamel pins.  They are typically 1 mm thick rather than the 1.2mm of enamel pins.  You can request a thicker pin if desired.

Are offset printed pins quicker to make?

Yes, offset printed pins can be made quicker because your design is printed directly onto the metal rather than time consuming process of adding enamel one color at a time.  Offset printed pins are ideal for large order that you need quickly.

How long does it take to get a custom pin artwork proof?

Once we have your idea, custom pin artwork will be complete in less than 24 hours during normal business hours.

What is the best size for lapel pins?  

1 inch is the standard lapel pin size.  However, pin sizes will range from .5 inch to 2 inches in size.  It really depends on the design.  Lapel pins are measured based on the longest dimension, either left to right or top to bottom.

How will you ship my lapel pin order?

All lapel pin orders are shipped via UPS Air direct from the factory.  We deliver them direct to your door.

Do you offer tracking and insurance on custom pin orders?

Yes, we offer tracking on all shipments.  You will receive a tracking number once the custom pins are shipped from our factory.  We are responsible for the pin order until it is delivered so if it is damaged or lost, we will replace the pins.

What is a lapel pin used for?

Lapel pins are considered one of the best promotional products.  They act as mini billboards and are used for marketing, branding, gifting, unifying, recognizing, trading, promoting and more.  They last forever and never go out of style.

Do I need lapel pins?

We think everyone needs lapel pins.  Lapel pins are a promotional product that never wears out and is always in fashion.  They are flexible to use, they are very visual and recognizable, they are easy to give out, and they are fun to receive.

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