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Custom Hard Enamel Pins

Hard enamel pins are considered the Best Quality.  When image is everything, and jewelry quality is important, choose hard enamel pins.


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Hard Enamel Pin Pricing

Size 100 200 300 500 750 1,000 3,000 5,000 10,000
3/4" $2.68 $1.86 $1.42 $1.03 $0.86 $0.78 $0.62 $0.57 $0.54
1" $2.77 $2.01 $1.58 $1.16 $1.00 $0.92 $0.75 $0.70 $0.66
1 1/4" $2.84 $2.15 $1.71 $1.32 $1.16 $1.08 $0.90 $0.85 $0.79
1 1/2" $2.99 $2.46 $2.00 $1.59 $1.42 $1.33 $1.15 $1.10 $1.02
1 3/4" $3.54 $2.78 $2.28 $1.86 $1.68 $1.61 $1.43 $1.38 $1.31
2" $4.00 $3.34 $2.81 $2.35 $2.20 $2.12 $1.95 $1.90 $1.73





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Hard Enamel Pins

Hard enamel pins are the new cloisonné pins. Also called Epola, New Cloisonné, Clois-Tech, Cloisonné II and Semi-Cloisonné, these pins have been around for about two decades. Cloisonné can only use a handful of colors but hard enamel cloisonné pins can have over 1,000 Pantone colors used in the making of the pin. Hard enamel cloisonné pins are also cheaper to make and offer a faster turnaround time. For these reasons, most customer that need cloisonné pins choose hard enamel cloisonné.

Only an expert can tell the difference between cloisonné and hard enamel cloisonné lapel pins.

Many lapel pin companies do not distinguish between authentic cloisonné and hard enamel cloisonné pins. They call hard enamel cloisonné pins cloisonné when actually, they are not. One way to tell the difference is the colors offered. Authentic cloisonné only has about 120 colors to choose. If a pin company says they'll match to any of the Pantone (PMS) colors, it's not really an authentic cloisonné lapel pin.

Hard enamel pins have metal lines around the text and graphics. These lines hold the enamel. Sometimes, lines can be raised to create text or graphics. There are examples of this type of design on this page.

Not sure which pin is best for your project? We'll be glad to help you!

Are hard enamel pins right for you?

We can help you make the best decision but here are some details that might help you decide.  Hard enamel pins are considered the best quality, are a little more expensive, and have a more jewelry look and feel.  Hard enamel pins are also known as Epola, Cloisonné, or Imitation enamel.  The term hard enamel can be deceiving but just refers to how the paint or enamel on the pin is treated.  The enamel is hardened by heat and then polished smooth leaving the enamel and the metal borders flush.  If you were to rub your thumb over the pin it would feel smooth unlike soft enamel which has dimension.  Hard enamel pins come in all the same metal finishes:  gold, silver, copper, black nickel, brass, bronze.  Each of these finishes can also be antiqued.

Hard enamel pins cannot use dyed metal for the borders, this only works on soft enamel pins.  An advantage of hard enamel is it is the most durable type of pin and is the highest quality.  Another advantage is the option of silkscreen.  Because the surface is hard and smooth, a process of silk screening can be used to get tiny details on the pin, or details without the metal borders around the color.  Because heat is introduced into the process, colors can darken a little which makes it a little harder to match pantone colors exact.

They're great for corporations, higher end gifts, awards, years of service, and for organization that budget is not a big concern.  Really any organization or company can use hard enamel pins.  Still unsure, just ask, this helping people decide is what we do.

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How long does it take to make hard enamel pins?

Hard enamel pins take no longer than 2 weeks for orders less than 1000 quantity.  If you ordered it today, you would receive it within 14 days.  For larger quantities, it may take a few extra days.

How do I order custom enamel lapel pins?

Ordering custom enamel lapel pins is easy.  Come up with an idea for a pin.  Contact a custom pin maker.  Then order the pins.  This may sound too easy, but the custom pin maker will take care of all the details in between.

Is there a mold charge for custom pins?

No there is no mold charge when ordering custom pins.  All mold fees are already factored into the cost of the pin.  The only time you will pay a mold fee is if you want a 3D design.

How much does it cost to ship enamel pins?

Shipping is always free for your enamel pin order.  We deliver right to your front door.  

Will you recommend sizing and plating options?

Yes, we will help you through the entire pin ordering process and recommend or suggest things that will improve the quality of your pin.

How many colors can I have in my custom pins?

1-6 colors is the recommended number of colors for a custom pin.  However, depending on the size of the pin and the design more colors can be added if needed.  Just remember, the more colors in the design, the longer it takes to produce.

Will you help me design my custom pin for free?

Yes, we will help you design your custom pin for free.  We understand most people are not graphic designers so we take your ideas and create the perfect artwork for you to review and approve.

Do you need rough sketches, reference photos, and ideas to create enamel pins?

No, we will create an artwork design based on anything you offer.  If you only have an idea, we will take that idea and turn it into a beautiful artwork for you to review.

What if I don’t like the enamel pin design?

If you don’t like our enamel pin design, we will revise it until you do.  The artwork process is designed to get your idea on paper.  We understand this may take a few revisions.

Do you use Pantone or another coloring system?

Enamel pins use the pantone color system to create color for your pins.  This allows us to be consistent and match your branding guidelines.

Do you offer print screening lapel pins?

Yes, we offer screen printing on lapel pins.  Sometimes the details are too tiny to produce with enamel so silk screening is a good option.  The only requirement is a flat surface so it works best on hard enamel pins.

Can I pay half down when ordering enamel pins?

We require full credit card payment upfront.  On a case by case basis we may accept 50% depending on the size of the order.

Do you guarantee the quality of the lapel pins?

Yes, we guarantee our work, if there are manufacturing defects, we will replace the pins at no charge.

What are custom pins made of?

Custom pins are made of metal.  The most common metal used is brass, copper, iron or stainless steel.  Hard enamel pins are typically brass or copper.  Soft enamel pins are typically iron.  Offset printed pins are typically stainless steel.

Will custom pins damage my clothes?

Yes and no.  Most pins have a nail on the back that pokes through your clothing.  However, most fabric is forgiving and quickly closes the hole once the pin is removed.  If the hole is concerning to you, there is a magnetic option that eliminates the need for a hole.

How to wear lapel pins?

Traditionally, lapel pins are worn on the left side lapel of a suit coat.  However, in our very casual society, fewer and fewer suits are worn so lapel pins can be worn on the collar, on the pocket or displayed on a jacket or backpack.

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