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Die Struck Pins

Die struck pins are classy and distinct because they are all gold or all silver.  The best part they are the same price as soft enamel pins.  So lower price, higher perceived value.


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Die Struck Pin Pricing

Size 100 200 300 500 750 1,000 3,000 5,000 10,000
3/4" $2.40 $1.81 $1.33 $0.95 $0.79 $0.71 $0.55 $0.50 $0.46
1" $2.49 $1.90 $1.40 $1.02 $0.86 $0.78 $0.62 $0.57 $0.53
1 1/4" $2.55 $2.01 $1.53 $1.17 $1.00 $0.93 $0.76 $0.71 $0.67
1 1/2" $2.69 $2.10 $1.64 $1.26 $1.09 $1.01 $0.83 $0.79 $0.75
1 3/4" $2.96 $2.25 $1.79 $1.40 $1.22 $1.13 $0.97 $0.92 $0.87
2" $3.14 $2.49 $2.00 $1.62 $1.44 $1.35 $1.19 $1.14 $1.09





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Die Struck Pins

Are die struck pins right for you?  The details below may help you decide.  Die struck pins are classy and distinct.  When the word die struck is used alone, it means no enamel is added to the pin so the pin is typically all gold or all silver with just raised metal lines to create the image.   While these may look more expensive, they are actually the same price as the soft enamel pins.  So, you get the best of both worlds, a classy pin for the lowest price.

Die struck pins come in all the same metal finishes:  gold, silver, copper, black nickel, brass, bronze.  Each of these finishes can also be antiqued.  With an all metal pin one of the concerns is that it is all shiny which makes it harder to distinguish the details.  Two options are available at no charge to help this.  First is to sandblast the backgrounds.  This creates a grainy look in the recessed areas to give a little more contrast between the raised and recessed areas.  Second is to antique the pin.  This darkens the crevices to also provide contrast, however with antique it also makes the metal no shiny.

Die struck pins are great for gifts, corporate leaders, and different levels of achievement.  They are a classy but subtle and professional in look and feel.  Like all the other types of pins die struck pins can be used by anybody if that is the look they desire.  Still not sure what is best, just contact us and we will help you decide.

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