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Getting custom lapel pins is easy.  We purposely keep our website simple and only focus on custom pins to ensure you don’t get lost.  Our experience in the pin world tells us that people want things fast and cheap.  We do our best to make that happen.  If you know exactly what type of custom pins you want just click on the free quote button above.  If you don’t know what you want still just click on any button above and tell us “Im not sure” and we will take it from there.


Under each type of custom lapel pins listed above is a simple statement as to quality and price.  We try to get to the bottom line so you don’t have to get filled with a lot of fluff, but we also have more information about each type if you like to research and learn.


Cheappins philosophy is to allow everyone to buy wholesale, so cheappins does not mean cheap quality, rather just a quality made pin at a wholesale price.  Give us a try, and I think you will like what you experience.

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