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Cheappins Philosophy

You’ve heard the saying “everything changes and nothing stays the same."

Well, the owners of decided it was time to change one very important thing – price.  So was started with this goal in mind to keep prices down.

The owners have 20+ years in the custom lapel pin business and understand fully what is possible.  We have structured our business to ensure we can be profitable, survive, and deliver quality pins at a “Cheap” price.  We want you to think “Savings” when you hear the word cheap, not lesser quality.  We promise we will deliver QUALITY products cheaper than 99% of all other companies.  We can’t promise 100% as there is no way for us to know for sure, but we are pretty confident in our product and our price.

Our experience in the industry tells us if you deliver a good product at a good price and take care of your customers they will come back again and again.  And better yet, they will tell everyone about their experience.   At we do things just a little bit different, see for yourself.


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